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Napa Valley marriage proposal

I’m beyond ecstatic to share this Napa Valley marriage proposal (silly, shameless SEO keyword plug) with you all. But just a preface – so, up until exactly this point, I have been focusing mostly on my wedding blog posts. Well, this one has a little of that, and then a bunch of “research.” And this blog post is just a little personal for me. Honestly, I’d kill (or at least relinquish a body part) to relocate to the California wine country. I could get back to my roots and be a baker, own a bed and breakfast, have a few acres of grapes to sell to some amazing winery. As much as I love Austin and all of the opportunities that have come my way, my heart is drifting to the west. Now, who’s to say that anything will come of it, but as the great MLK once said (and I’m quoting horribly out of context) “I have a dream.” So, blah blah blah.

I have the most amazing girlfriend. She introduced me to Amy and Phillip, aka Pip. They like wine. A LOT. And they love to go to the annual Del Dotto VIP barbeque. It’s not Texas, BBQ, y’all, but it’s roasted pigs, and lobster claws, and truffles, and everything that makes a heart go pitter patter. AND, they have barrel tastings. I’ll get to all of that debauchery in a moment (what I remember from it).

So, Pip let it be known that this was this trip that he was going to pop the biggest of questions to his beloved. On the Friday morning, after an amazing breakfast at Boon Fly Cafe, we all drove up the mountain to Auberge du Soleil where he was going to drop the bomb! The view was stunning, and it was a perfect backdrop for the moment. His nerves were palpable, but he managed to get through it as he gave her the trademark blue Tiffany box. EXCEPT. He forgot to ask her to marry her. Waaaat? Honestly, that says so much about their relationship that he didn’t even have to ask. It was just a perfect assumption. Is water wet? Does the pope…well, you know. Now, she did eventually say yes, but I think it took a few pours of bubbles before the realization that he forgot to ask set in. HA.

That’s all the fun and amazing lovey dovey stuff. The rest is just adventures in wine. For example, at Nickel & Nickel where I tasted some of the most sublime Cabs. The tour was fantastic, and I really just wanted to take a barrel home with me, although I’m not sure how it would have fit on the carry-on. I fell in love with Schramsberg. I have a thang for bubbles. The cave tour was absolutely amazing. ASK FOR TODD. Seeing the funky moldy whatever hanging from the ceiling, the dust and sediment built up on the bottles from only a few short months of cellaring, and the 7 liter bottles of their 50th anniversary production were so tempting. So much temptation that a membership signup was inevitable.

Okay, so back to Del Dotto. Wine. Wine. Barrels. More wine. BEAST. And then BBQ. Truffles. Pig heads. Lobster claws piled higher than the sunset. Gorgeous sunset, by the way. Giant moon. Swinging on the hammock with a love of my own. Making out. More wine. Dancing. Nearly passing out. Broken Glass. Missing purse. Confusion. Yelling. Oh, the purse was in the car the whole time. Facepalm. Passing out. Making up. Ready for next year!!

Of course, the highlight of the trip for me happened on a long and windy road up a lovely hill called Spring Mountain. If you haven’t been to Behrens Winery, you haven’t really tasted wine. It’s small, it’s boutique, and it’s amazing. If the words “small,” “by hand” and “low yield” are music to your ears, then this is absolutely the winery for you. The view is breathtaking. And Robin. Well, Robin is just a badass.

So, please enjoy these photos. A snapshot into my personal life. And to Amy and Pip:

“Where there is no wine there is no love.”

― Euripides




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nickel & nickel winerynickel & nickel winerynickel & nickel winerynickel & nickel winerynickel & nickelnickel & nickelnickel & nickel winery


schramsberg wineryschramsberg cavesschramsberg cavesschramsberg schramsberg cavesschramsbergschramsberg


del dotto VIP BBQdel dotto VIP BBQ


behrens winerybehrens winerybehrens winerybehrens winery

Napa Valley Marriage Proposal by Daniel C. Photography

  • Stacy - Gorgeous pictures and I loved the back story! Hilarious! Sounds kind y’all had so much fun!

  • danielcphoto - Thank you Stacy! I blog so much better after a glass of wine!

  • Amy - Danny the pictures you took of Napa, the wineries and the scenery are absolutely beautiful!

  • danielcphoto - Thank you Amy! I am so glad I was able to come along! I can’t wait for next year!

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